"A journey of a
thousand miles
begins with a 
single step."
-Lao Tzu 

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                  8th Grade U.S. History Resources

 "Knowledge is power." ~Sir Francis Bacon

Religious Meditations of Heresies, 1597
English Author, Courtier, & Philosopher (1561 - 1626)

Dig Deep for Knowledge!!


    Creating America Online Text2


 Frederick Douglass  

My Bondage and My Freedom

  Narrative in the Life of Frederick Douglass


Creating America Textbook Chapter Quizzes & Flipcard Activities


 MacArthur Online Library Catalog


Michigan Electronic Library (MEL) for Teens


Southfield Public Library

United Streaming (See me for your passcode to register.)


Scholastic - Type your topic in the search box.

Online Etymology Dictionary


Online Dictionary & Thesaurus

Time for Kids


BBC News


U.S. Memory Timeline


Chronological U.S. History Timeline

Digital History Timeless


Social Studies Interactive Activities

U.S.  Map - Interactive


Core Democratic Values


Colonial America


Freedom: A History of US. Home | PBS


PBS Interactive Colonial History


Colonial Times


Archiving Early America

Captain John Smith - TIME


Virginia's Early Relations with Native Americans

Captain John Smith - Adventures on the James River


Colonial Williamsburg... History for Kids

Making of a Nation #7 - Colonial Expansion: New England, Middle Colonies



On the Trail of   Captain John Smith Interactive

Life in the 18th Century


Colonial Occupations

Native Americans


18th Century Clothing

The Pocahontas Myth - The Real Story


Native American Timeline of Events

Facts for Kids: Powhatans


Colonial America and Children's Literature


The First Thanksgiving - You Are the Historian - Online Learning Center


Behind the Name: English Names


Colonial America Resources

The American Revolution & The Declaration of Independence

The American Revolution - Borders Books


The American Revolution - Barnes & Noble


American Revolution Think Quest


Play the Road to Revolution Game

American Revolution - Dell


ArtsWork - Drama & Theatre Source Book


"The American Revolution" Trivia Quiz


Quia - American Revolution Vocabulary

Video Clip


Video Clip 2

1776 Video Activities


  Independence Day

American Liberty Quest  - WebQuest


American Liberty

Declaration of Independence


Declaration of Independence Quiz

The American Revolution by Bruce Bliven


United States Constitution & Presidents

Interactive Constitution


Save Our Constitution

 Constitution & Bill of Rights


Who Decides - Comparing Governments

Constitutional Convention of 1787

Constitutional Convention of 1787 - The Virginia Plan


Gouveneur Morris (Author of U.S. Preamble)


The Virginia Plan



New Jersey Plan


                     William Paterson (New Jersey Plan)

U.S. Constitution Online Quiz!


The Constitution for Kids (8th-12th Grade)


Bill of Rights Online Game


Library of Congress


American Presidents


U.S. Presidents & Activities

U.S. Presidents Coloring Book from White House Kids


Create your U.S. Presidents coloring book with facts that you've researched.

The Trail of Tears

Andrew Jackson

The Civil War



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